Blink! Online Travel Reservation Software



To create a broad and diverse network of tour and travel companies (Ground Operators, Destination Management Companies, Receptive, Incoming and/or Outbound Tour Operators) to consolidate an international horizontal merger through a common distribution channel in order to facilitate the working relationship between Travel agents, Freelance Travel Consultants and DMC.     

OpenXoft Technologies was founded with the purpose of utilizing our knowledge and expertise in the Travel Industry by virtue of a powerful engineering know‐how to create high quality, cost-effective software solutions to small and medium-sized Travel Operators.

The first challenge we addressed was the implementation of efficient online reservation software that could simultaneously manage the flow of reservations while adapting to the variables present in the quotation and subsequent reservation process.      

The tools we encountered in the market often proved to be obsolete desktop applications, unsuitable for our needs, lacking the required modular programming and ultimately too expensive to meet the moderate budgets of the industry.    

We therefore resolved to pursue a mixed project management approach with matrix organizations featuring programming staff from various functional areas by the launching of our software house OpenXoft Technologies in New Delhi, enabling a wider number of programmers across the board.


The program BLINK, we have developed is web-based, multi-layer platform with XML, with a user-friendly, intuitive client-side graphic interface. The software can be modified to meet the user’s changing requirements.

These are some basic characteristics:

We come from the travel industry

That’s right. We actively work in the travel business. We are an alliance of DMC from different countries in the world who decided to work together to create an efficient reservation software to satisfy our work needs.  Software houses work for profit, no wonder. But our main goal is to code a tool to be used in our daily working need.

Fully Hosted

Blink! is hosted in our servers. You can choose dedicated or shared hosting to better suit your needs. Our servers are scalable and you will pay only for what you need.

Web Based

Blink! can be accessed from any location provided that you have Internet access and work with End Users B2C as well as with other businesses, B2B.


We are XML ready and already connected upstream to hotel chains and downstream to Tour Operators and International OTAs.

Compatible with all Browsers

Latest versions of Mozilla 37.0.1, Chrome 42.0, Opera 29.0, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 5.1.7

B2B | B2C

Easily create rates for business to business and/or business to consumer, you decide what you want to sell to who by creating different levels of access.

Full Training Included

We want to make sure that you understand the whole loading and booking process. Online training classes are included in your license agreement.

Dynamic Tariff

Your clients can download a real-time updated tariff of Hotels, Ground Services or Escorted Tours tariff.

Fixed Cost

Your license comes with a blocked price guarantee. Also, we do not charge per user fees.

Allocation of own Hotel / Service Inventory to clients

Sub-allocate your allotment to specific clients of the desired number of room or product. Materialization is monitored through reporting.

Multiple Tier Pricing Control

Sell the same service to different tiers at different prices and/or you can prevent tiers from seeing or booking specific services.

Categories & Sub-Categories

You can create your own service categories (example: Hotels, Tours, Car Rental, Itineraries) and customize sub-categories as desired (Tours > Private Tours | Shared Tours | Walking Tours etc.)

Simple Interface

We strive to make the booking process as easy and simple as possible.

Selling Price

The system displays the cost of each service added to the booking as well as the total and the amount and can be easily converted into the day’s exchange rate.


We offer different payment methods for each client.
Charge by cash, check, wire transfer, credit card. Direct Billing (you decide the billing cycle), Immediate Payment or Postponed Prepayment. Payment gateway integrated.


Are issued upon payment according to your preference.

Multiple Bookings

Combine any hotel with ground services and activities in one go. Resulting Travel Itineraries can be printed or emailed to your clients with or without price.


Users can create ad-hoc quotations which can be stored and converted into reservation at the desired time.


Suppliers can access the site and download CSV reports to be integrated with their own work schedules. We also provide reports for our clients and for our internal use in Reservations and Sales.